New Right Knee: Starting Week 2

It’s hard to believe I’m already one week removed from surgery!

It’s more amazing how much progress I’ve made during that first week, far more than I and others expected.

My knee is now bending very close to 90 degrees, and I walked 300 feet with a cane during yesterday’s physical therapy session. It felt liberating! I’m hoping to go home with a cane. They’re easier to use and take everywhere, whereas walkers are cumbersome in my opinion.

Boredom and getting antsy are setting in alongside my gradual physical improvement. I’m ready to go home, sleep in my own bed, cuss while watching hockey games in privacy of my own living room, thaw and enjoy all the frozen meals I’d made prior to entering the hospital, wear something besides T-shirts and sweat pants, and basically resume life. Transitional Care is a great place, but I’m ready to leave at any time.

Back to having PT twice a day as of this morning. I go there and OT in the morning and another PT session on weekday afternoons. Shorter sessions are held once a day on Saturday and Sunday. Some of it hurts and feels like I’m going to pop a few staples at any moment, but I’ll take PT pain over the off and on agony I’d experienced for years prior to surgery.

I’m also checking out fancier canes for special occasions when the generic ones just won’t do. I found the photo added to this entry online while searching for ideas. Pretty yet practical, and they come in cheerful colors. I’m going to check out the site once I get home.

Almost Monday morning PT time…ciao, until we meet again.


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