Moving, Grooving, and Pedicuring: Week 7

Six weeks since surgery!

The only drawback of this past week is the extreme cold we’d experienced here in the Northeast, which I blame for the heavy and stiff sensations to my TKR. On the up side, I’d discovered those afflictions are normal during the healing process; some patients still feel stiffness and heaviness on occasion years after surgery. We just have to keep on moving and grooving!

In addition to the physical therapy and Tai Chi, additional curiosity prompted the idea of low-impact exercise now that a reasonable amount of time passed since my surgery. Both knee pain and resulting inactivity caused me to gain back weight I’d lost since early 2013, and it was time to get back on track before surgery for my left knee is scheduled.

Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home videos were a life saver in the past, and has me active once more in spite of the snow and cold outdoors. The video on this post is one great way to get started and takes only 15-20 minutes to do. Best yet, they can be done anytime and almost anywhere indoors! I’m not a medical professional, however, and everyone has different exercise tolerance levels, so be sure to check with your primary physician, orthopedist, or physical therapist before attempting any new forms of activity.

All this exercise combined with some revised eating habits (being Lent season also helps) has steered me back in the right direction; as of this post, I am down 12 pounds. My orthopedist states for every pound lost is four pounds off the joints, so a general 12 pounds times four equals forty-eight less on both natural and replaced knees. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

My significant other, Don, helped with several tasks after I came home from the hospital, keeping my toenails short being among them (You know someone is a good man when he clips your toenails without complaint despite reminding him to clean up the clippings afterward). Since I’ve been needing his assistance less over the past few weeks and he’s been in Florida on business, I made the decision Friday night to cut my own toenails after taking a shower, which turned into giving myself a full pedicure, complete with nail polish. It turned out better than I’d expected! I actually felt human again.

What is in store for me this week? Aside from the usual exercises, who knows what I may try next? Almost anything is possible, but I’ll continue to take one day at at time. If I’m going to heal, I have to do it right.


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