Attack Of The Returning Sex Drive: Week 8


Look out, Don; you may be ambushed after returning from Florida…

While meant to be informative and redirect readers to the actual About Health article in full, my Sex After Joint Replacement Surgery blog post this past week probably tipped off several visitors about the current state of my TKR progress.

I’m not going into lurid details, but…clears throat… my sex drive has returned with a vengeance. My significant other has received advance warning as what to expect when he returns later this week from Florida and stops for a visit (we don’t live together).

I doubt Don will have any complaints in that respect since he’d already survived the earlier craziness in weeks following my surgery: his being relegated to toenail trimming duty among the myriad of assigned chores, my previous lack of interest in sex, an emotional roller coaster, days where I had physical pain to the point I wanted to rip off someone’s head before the “good” drugs took effect, and my idea of a wild night being wearing sweats with ice packs on my knee, ordering pizza, and cursing while watching a hockey game.

Many people who had knee replacement surgery often discuss improvement in other qualities of life such as exercise, gardening, travel, social interaction…but rarely sex.

Why? Sex is a natural part of life; while originally designated for procreation, it’s somewhat become a recreational activity over the last several decades. I’m not encouraging anyone to go out and be a total nymphomaniac (I haven’t even gotten to that point, thank goodness), but if you’re feeling well enough for some amorous activity, why not partake? Just make sure the kids (and/or other people) are out of the house first, or at least asleep.

Here are a couple points from the About Health article that may interest some of you:

Effects of Joint Replacement on Sex Life

Over 90% of patients reported an improvement in their sexual function after joint replacement surgery, including significant improvements in libido as well as improved duration and frequency of intercourse.

Only 16% of patients reported adverse effects to sexual well-being, with most being concerns about potential for damaging their implanted joint while having sex.

I’ve read where some surgeons don’t recommend kneeling following TKR surgery, so some positions may be more difficult to maneuver. In any event, what better time to become creative and try new things that don’t involve kneeling yet couples can still do equal shares of the work?

I could take the lazy route when Don comes home by dragging him into the bedroom and make him get busy since kneeling on my part is out of the question, but I think a discussion on how to spice things up without using my knees would be a better idea…if he survives the initial ambush.

I always try to keep everyone updated on my TKR progress, but this particular subject won’t be one of them. I’m not the type to kiss and tell, after all.

Have a great week!


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