Closing In On Two Months Post Op – Now Gradually Resuming Life: Week 9

Amazing how joint replacement surgery opens up a new life for us.

This morning I examined my surgical scar and not only noted how pale pink it’s in progress of becoming, but also how this coming Thursday will be two months since I had TKR on my right knee. Time flies when you’re having fun…though the early weeks following surgery are far from amusing.

Meanwhile, pre-op life is slowly returning. Those who followed this blog from Week 1 already have general ideas as to my progress up to this point. It’s interesting how we don’t appreciate many things and activities to which we take advantage until we are unable to do/enjoy them any longer (albeit temporarily). Being able to clean house in one day, stand without pain while showering, resuming sex (poor Don), walking up and down hills with neither a knee howling in agony nor sensations that bones are about to pop through your skin, actually sleeping through the night without the assistance of pain killers…the list goes on.

All that remains of the surgery aside from my scar is a bit of numbness on the outside of my right knee, but will go away in time. My ortho appointment for March 11 got bumped to March 18, but what’s another week when I’ve waited since the end of January to show off my progress?

I actually started writing a new novel, something else I’d put off following surgery, post-op care, and physical therapy. Now that PT is gradually winding down, I can get back to work. I can’t sell books if they’re not published, and the manuscripts don’t write themselves.

Another downside of winter is actually putting on shoes to do something simple as take out the garbage. All I do in summer is slip on a pair of flip flops kept by the door, but winter involves putting on actual shoes. I’d been wearing those God-awful shoes with the Velcro straps for weeks, but I crossed another milestone on Thursday when I was finally able to put on my regular athletic shoes and tie the laces! See what I mean about appreciating the little things?

Don’s birthday was yesterday, but we went out to dinner Saturday night before settling back at my place to watch the Penguins game. It’s great having him home again, even if it’s just for a couple weeks before he returns to Florida for another job; in the meanwhile, he wants to take me to a game this week. At this rate, I may be able to walk around the arena without stopping every five minutes!

It’s almost difficult to believe Don and I will be together three years this coming August, but I digress.

No guarantees, but I’ll attempt to resume my podcast within the next couple weeks. I hadn’t taped one since before going into the hospital, and Lord knows how long I’ll be able to enjoy some normalcy in my life before the left knee is done.

I hope you all have a great week. For those scheduled for surgery, my thoughts and prayers are with you having success.


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