Would You Show Your Scar?



Scars come with almost any type of surgery. Some prefer to hide them. Others see them as badges of courage.

With spring around the corner here in the US (and some other parts of the world), it’s all but inevitable that sweats, hoodies, sweaters, and other cold weather essentials will soon be packed in boxes and replaced with lighter and more skin-baring clothing.

I never claimed to have the world’s greatest legs; actually, they’ve been referred to more than once as “Steinway piano legs (Those who are familiar the legs on a Steinway grand piano will get the reference, but I digress).” Now I have a long pink surgical scar on my right one added for Spring/Summer 2015.

“Aren’t you worried about people staring at it when you wear shorts or summer dresses?” Don, my significant other, once asked me.

No, not really; first, I rarely wear shorts in public (with exception of the comfy Bermuda ones in cheerful colors); second, I don’t give two sticks about some random strangers I’d likely never again see in my entire life ogling a leg scar, and third, what lies beneath that particular scar is the very reason I’m again walking without agonizing pain for the first time in almost two decades.

I can understand some people (especially a few ladies out there) who may opt for plastic surgery to remove their TKR scar, but I never considered the idea. Not only don’t I believe in plastic surgery unless it’s for medical reasons, but also view my TKR surgical scar as a badge of courage. No matter how long my implant lasts, the scar above it is a daily reminder to me of how I won’t end up all but totally immobile the same way my mother was around the same age.

My scar equals restored independence, a life reclaimed. Maybe some people will find it hideous, but it’s now a part of my character, and it certainly hasn’t put off Don in the least, if anyone understands what I’m saying.

By this time next year, I’ll likely have one on each knee. Will it bother me then? Probably not any more than my present one does; I’ll have two badges of courage instead of one. And that is okay by me.

Love yourselves today and always in spite of all your scars.


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