Does TKR Make You Feel Prettier?: Weeks 10-12


The throwback jersey I wore to my orthopedist appointment. Someone actually told me I looked nice that day. =)


“Sexy isn’t always about boobs or butts. It’s the way you walk, the way you talk, and the way you think.” ~ Found on a blog

The last few weeks have been interesting, to say the least. First I kept my March 18 orthopedist appointment, which turned out better than I expected. I don’t have to return for six months, which is sometime in September. The x-ray was “perfect” (staff quote, not mine), and then I bent my knee back at around 120 degrees and can now lift/straighten it without difficulty. I’ve come a long way since January 12.

Another interesting part of that day was being told by a total stranger in the waiting room how nice I looked. Crazy things; my hair was due for a trim (but still looked okay that morning for some reason), I wore the most minimum makeup, a pair of black stretch pants that could easily be hiked up to show the doctor my scar (because I knew he was going to request it), black athletic shoes I can finally again tie, and my favorite Pittsburgh Penguins throwback hockey jersey. I didn’t even bother putting in my contacts; it was easier to pop on glasses. In other words, I wasn’t out to impress anyone.

After my appointment, I needed to return a pair of jeans I didn’t like after all to the store where I’d bought them. I did a little shopping around the plaza while waiting for my return trip home. A nice man came along and shouted “Hello, beautiful lady!”

All I could do was smile, which earned a “Great smile, I’m jealous!” comment while I felt myself blushing. Now keep in mind I’m far from a tall, willowy, blonde, blue-eyed size 2 (more like a 5‘2, size 18/22 brunette, though I have the blue eyes), yet the aforementioned scenarios are just two examples of times I’ve noticed more positive feedback my way since TKR.


Maybe it’s because I walk with less pain and take more confident strides these days? I’ve kept my head up and smile more (which goes back to the pain-free issue)? Reveling in joy of once again being able to do things on my own? Concentrating less on putting everyone else’s needs and desires before my own health and more content as a result? I don’t have a clear cut answer.

Did getting total knee replacements have positive effects on your lives far as feeling prettier and more confident are concerned? Have your family, friends, and even strangers noticed a different attitude on your part since surgery? Once the majority of pain and agonzing physical therapy were long past (and hopefully PT was successful), did your inner glow of being able to once again live life make its way to the surface to the point a day without smiling at least once was a day wasted?

Whatever your case(s), I hope your new knees are serving you well and continue to do so. Have a beautiful week…April is almost here!

Easter blessings to all of you.


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