Don’t Pay More for Arthritis Treatments


It’s unthinkable, but every month too many arthritis patients and caregivers have to choose between things like paying their mortgage and paying for life-changing—and sometimes lifesaving—treatments and medications.
That’s why we need your help to fight for H.R. 1600, the Patients’ Access to Treatments Act (PATA). We need your signature on our letter to Congress demanding access to effective arthritis treatments.
This bill was introduced in 2013 but died last year when powerful special interests put profits before patients.

“We have the ability to advance therapy—to use, in some cases, safer and more effective therapy—but are prevented from bringing a patient together with the medicine that they need. What prevents us from doing this at times is a prohibitive cost.”

– Dr. Audrey B. Uknis,
American College of Rheumatology President

It’s happening every single day. Patients are denied access to proven treatments that would dramatically change their lives. Together, we can do something about it!

Sign our letter to Congress today and help fight for better access to effective arthritis treatments.
Thank you for your support!

Ann M. Palmer – President & CEO – Arthritis Foundation


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