To Kneel or Not to Kneel After Knee Replacement?


In five months since my first knee replacement surgery, I did some reading on the debate of “not kneeling” vs. “it’s okay to kneel.”

Kneeling is an activity of daily living we’ve all taken for granted until injuries, arthritis, or other afflictions to the knee joints make this position more difficult – if not impossible.

Is it really all right to kneel after receiving a total knee replacement?Research shows that fear of harming knee implants and lack of information about post-op kneeling explained why some patients are hesitant about kneeling. According to, attempts to kneel are best around two months following surgery. The implants will not be affected despite an uncomfortable feeling with kneeling.

Kneeling becomes more comfortable with repeated attempts, and using kneeling pads such as this one for specific tasks such as gardening or church services may be more comfortable, especially if you’re going to knee for a long period of time.

While patients are warned about kneeling following surgery, there is no published data concerning the risks of kneeling following surgery. A previous research study following knee replacement surgery showed while 44% of patients stated that they could kneel, 82% were actually observed kneeling without difficulty.

Kneeling after surgery varies among opinions of different doctors and the patient’s general physical condition. There is no clear-cut answer to whether or not being on our knees after TKR would do us more harm than good, and vice versa. The best advice is to discuss any concerns with your orthopedic surgeon and what alternatives he/she recommends, but if you can kneel with little or no discomfort, by all means do so (just be careful not to go too crazy!).

I hope this article finds my fellow knee warriors doing well and hope the blog has helped at least once person. Enjoy your weekend!


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