Week 4 of LTKR Recovery: What Difference a Month Makes


Today is one month since my left knee replacement took place. Anyone who missed the scary details of my latest surgery can review the story here. I traveled a long road this past month, but am getting closer each day of resuming life with new knees and looking forward to doing things never before possible.

Every surgery comes with risks and the recent knee procedure could’ve literally cost me my life, but I prefer to focus on the positive and grateful for each day I can get out of bed without pain. I began needing the Norco pain pills less this past week; Aleve and ice packs do sufficient jobs on their own.

My knee bends little over 90 degrees and home physical therapy is doing me more than a world of good. I walk with a cane, but have been practicing going short distances around the house without it. I did 20 squats yesterday during a therapy session-without pain! Some stiffness exists and my left foot is still swollen, but both will subside soon enough.

Gradually resuming a normal schedule is becoming easier each day. I still need to sit down for a few minutes after doing even the smallest chores; it’s nevertheless considerable progress in contrast to a month earlier when I was constantly throwing up, feeling lightheaded, using a bedpan, and barely able to move my left foot post-op.

I won’t go without saying I felt pessimistic and depressed the first few days following surgery. PT was painful, I had to be escorted to the bathroom each time I needed to use it, blood transfusions, and interrupted sleep patterns. Looking back today on the progress I’ve since made, I never thought I’d say that every moment of discomfort was worth slowly regaining my independence. Imagine what life is going to be like during the upcoming holiday season!

Everyone heals differently; don’t get discouraged if you aren’t on the same path to healing as a fellow patient. The important thing is that you will make progress when the time is right, and when you turn the final corner, it will be one of your best days.

I wish you all success in your upcoming surgery and recovery.


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