An Open Letter To Blood Donors

blood transfusion

Blood donations save thousands of lives each day. I am one of those lives.

Dear Everyone Who Has Given Blood:

While blood banks appreciate your generosity, it’s time to receive some degree of acknowledgment from one of thousands of people who received your gift of life.

Donations at local blood banks or during a drives at work/ school may seemed insignificant from your view, but those pints of blood you gave this morning will save at least one life not long afterward. You are important to people in need of transfusions on a regular basis, be it one pint or several. Without you, chances for survival of those in need would be virtually nil.

Four units of your blood donations are the reason I am still here today; I view it as sort of a “when one does good, the good returns to them” sort of thing since I was a blood donor years before receiving those fateful four units.

When my left knee underwent total replacement surgery on September 14, 2015, I lost a large quantity of blood during the operation. My hemoglobin dropped to a low of 6.8 and hematocrit levels to their lowest at 19.7. Treatment to return those levels close to normal as possible consisted of having blood transfusions and taking ferrous oxide. After being in the hospital little over two weeks, I was finally strong enough to return home.

If it wasn’t for the generosity of blood donors and the option of me having blood transfusions, I can’t begin to imagine what my alternate outcome would’ve been. Giving blood always made me feel good inside, but until recently had no idea how said donation would give me a second chance at life.

For that, I say THANK YOU! Your kind gestures will never go unnoticed long as there are others in need.


A Gift of Life Recipient


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