Slow But Sure: Coming Into Eight Weeks LTKR Post-Op


Those who followed my latest posts are aware of the trauma I’d gone through during (and after) left total knee replacement (LTKR) in September. Recovery hasn’t been quick as it was following surgery on my right knee earlier this year, but I refused to give up.

In-home physical therapy ended October 23 and I’ve been doing outpatient work at a facility that also caters to our professional sports teams when not doing PT exercises at home. Better too much than not enough when it comes to recovery, at least in my opinion.

Have you ever had days post-op where you’re doing all the right things – keeping your doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, additional exercises, icing, elevating, resting when needed – yet everything still seemed hopeless?

So did I…and then things started falling into place yesterday.

I’d just finished showering and walked into the bedroom to dress before realizing I’d left my cane in the bathroom! Needless to say, the feeling was empowering. I’ve since walked around the apartment unaided (I even made a video!) but still take the cane when I go out. I cheated a little by using a motorized cart for grocery shopping on Monday; I would’ve otherwise invited trouble since the store was too large to negotiate walking comfortably. Steps are still tricky, but I’m getting there.

Today I hit another milestone: for weeks following surgery I’d used a reacher/grabber, a sock aid, and a long shoehorn given to me at the hospital to dress each morning since the operated knee made it difficult to put on socks, shoes, and pants. This morning I was able to ditch everything – I can do everything without the “supplies!”

I’m still not 100 percent, yet I’m okay with that. Each day brings a new challenge and I look forward to more milestones in upcoming weeks. I’d love to be totally mobile by the holiday season, but taking one day at a time and not thinking too far ahead.

Who knows what corners we’ll turn when we wake up tomorrow morning?


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