The Importance of Emergency Contacts/Information in Your Phone


I was chatting with a group of people during the hockey game this past Wednesday night when the subject of emergency contacts arose. A post taken from the aforementioned chat is one example why we all need to keep such information in our phones.

“Be sure your phones are set up with your emergency contacts. You may have seen my buzz earlier today about my employee’s son who was found unresponsive. On top of it all, his phone was locked and no one could get his contact info for hours. His mom wasn’t called till they figured out who he was and that his mom worked in our department. It was hours later. If you have an iPhone that locks, use the Health app and enter your emergency contacts – can be seen even when locked.”

My niece, doctor, pharmacy, apartment building’s manager, and a couple of neighbors’ telephone numbers are among important contacts on the chance such information is needed and I can’t speak for myself. I also keep a physical list of medications, allergies, blood type, current health conditions, and an alert I have knee replacements. The list is kept alongside my phone where both can be accessed.

Make sure your phone is also fully charged and/or unlocked! Imagine yourself in a situation requiring immediate medical attention. Your phone is discovered with a dead battery or is locked. My own phone is kept unlocked; not only do I have nothing to hide, but also makes important information available to emergency personnel. Both leaving my phone unlocked/charged and keeping updated contacts and history in my purse have come in handy a few times in the past when I’ve fainted, fallen, developed chest pain, or had a seizure while away from home.

In the age of advanced technology, phones serve almost every purpose from holding general conversations to paying for purchases (in some places), accessing the Internet, and listening to our favorite music. Why not add having it as an emergency device…just in case?


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