LTKR: Six Months of Progress


I had my six-month post-op checkup today on my left knee. The X-ray looked great and my bend was 110 degrees/0 extension. Some swelling remains and the scar is still “delicate” (but healing well with help of applying Vitamin E/Bio Oil on it daily), but progress continues to be made. I can walk short distances and around my apartment without assistive devices, but still need a cane for either long distances or activities involving a lot of walking. Heat on the muscles, ice packs on the implant area, and the occasional dose of Aleve have also done wonders.

I’d developed a little rash on my leg which initially alarmed me. There are several cases where patients who had any type of joint replacement surgery have developed allergic reactions to their particular implants. When I first spotted my rash near the knee incision, the thought of a reaction first came to mind despite neither having any problems with my right knee nor a history of metal allergies.

My concerns went unfounded; all I have is a little eczema, easily treatable with a special cream.

Sometimes it feels as if we’re going backwards in our recovery; I’ve been there twice (longer with the left knee; complications early on), but while easier said than done, hang in there. Things will get better; maybe not today or even next month, but think where each of us will be in the long run – the pain, early erratic sleep patterns, swelling, or how our scars look nasty in the early post-op stages (among other things) will be worth the prospect of being able to walk again without the agonizing pain or wondering when we won’t be able to walk at all our “natural” knees limited us for long periods of time.

My surgeon said today that I’m doing well for being barely six months post-op. I don’t have to go back for another appointment until September!

Progress can be a great thing.


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