Positive Changes Don’t Only Apply To Knee Replacements


I haven’t written a blog post for who knows how long, so it’s time to catch up.

It’s now been 13 months since total knee replacement surgery on my right knee and 17 months since having my left one done.

With Spring 2017 on the horizon, it’s time for me to add more changes to the ones I began making on New Year’s Day. As of this post, I dropped 29 pounds and my blood pressure fell by little over 7 percent since January 1 by eliminating “bad” carbohydrates and fats, eating only serving sizes (or cutting those portions in half if I found them too large), resuming my workouts (I’d gotten lazy over the holiday season), and undergoing a supplement regimen: calcium, magnesium, fish oil, and Vitamin C.

My plantar fasciitis is finally healing! In addition to keeping up with treatment recommended by my podiatrist since September, I discovered an incredible line of footwear by Vionic and recently purchased a pair of the Action Sunset Mary Jane style as a birthday gift to myself (pictured below).



Not only did these shoes help alleviate the plantar fasciitis pain when standing, walking, and exercising, but also have done wonders for my now-not-so-new knees. I’ve noticed less swelling and stiffness after increased activity. My Vionics are the next best thing to going barefoot and I already have my eye on another style on sale. Vionic shoes can be found for reasonable prices on sites such as 6pm.com and Amazon for those of us more budget conscious.

Back to the additional changes I mentioned earlier. Giving up bad carbs and fat was only the beginning. With my health coach, a home workout was developed for me to keep up the strength I’d built working out at my gym from last spring to mid-November. I don’t like going out in cold and snow but didn’t want to risk having to start over when the weather eventually cleared.

I also ended a relationship that was turning destructive and plan to explore other “options” the world has to offer while continuing to work on improving both my physical and psychological being. Splitting from a partner is never easy but it’s time to let go when that person does one’s morale more harm than good. A burden lifted from my shoulders once I made that decision.

Remember me mentioning some time back I could go without my cane at home and to walk on flat surfaces but had to use it in public to negotiate hill sides, high curbs, and uneven sidewalks due to balance issues I had from post-op complications?

I no longer need a cane for anything! For the first time in 17 months, I am completely free of needing any type of assistive device. And I’m looking forward to returning to the gym on Monday.

Bad carbs, bad fats, lousy men, and a cane. All of them gone…and I’ve never felt better. Sometimes knee replacements can play huge roles in other aspects of our lives. How are they improving yours today?


One thought on “Positive Changes Don’t Only Apply To Knee Replacements

  1. Hi, good to hear that you had success with the shoes L. Anne. If you need something more powerful that directly treats your plantar fasciitis you might try a Heelease. http://heelease.co.uk

    We do ship occasionally to the USA but it takes a few days.

    All the best!


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